iCare group

A community that share and support each other. a fellowship you can call family.


As a body of Christ, we want to care for each other and grow together in Christ. In Care groups, we learn to care for each other, share our joys and needs, pray for each other, have a fellowship together, learn more about God and His will for our lives and last but not the least, have fun together.


Our Care groups for all walks of life: teenagers, young professionals and families. Feel free to contact us when ever you are ready to connect and be a part of the family.

List of groups:


ABLAZE - Contact: Kenan 8673 6720


Mighty (9-13yo) - Contact: Vivian 8158 7461

Young Adult

Bang - Contact: Yessika 9299 0725

CLIPS (Connect Group) - Contact: IFGF Singapore Office +6569093661

Ngecuan - Contact: Raissa 9424 4749

Warrior (Connect Group) - Contact: Bertram 8388 7633


New Breed - Contact: 

Emerge - Contact: Ps. Geoffrey 9012 2111

Breakthrough - Contact: Nana 9119 6874

Senior - Contact: 

Women Ministry

IFGF Women - Contact: Church Admin