Joseph & Maria Tamba

Senior Pastors


Joseph and Maria Tamba are the Senior Pastors of IFGF Singapore and the Founder of Joseph Storehouses based in Singapore. Their calling is "To Rebuild, Raise up, Repair and Restore” – Isaiah 58:12. The local church they are leading, IFGF Singapore, is a dynamic local church with a specific assignment to be “The Gateway to the cities and nations in Asia”. IFGF Singapore is currently overseeing over 180 churches in Asia.


Joseph is an ex-Senior Banker with eighteen years of experience in International Banking. His latest role was Executive Director of one of the largest global banks based in Singapore. Jesus rescued him from death in San Francisco during Summer 1995, after he went through tumultuous college days in United States. After experiencing a turnaround in his life, Joseph graduated with a MBA degree in 1996 and thereafter became an international banker for the next 18 years, as well as a Lay Pastor (pastoring both in the church and marketplace), until today.


Born with the name Gadis Hutagalung, Maria was rescued by Jesus Christ during her teens (college days) from a near-death experience and received her new life. She then received her calling to serve the Lord and studied Theology in Harvest International Theological Seminary. She graduated with a Bachelor degree and together with her husband started their Pastoral work in 2003 until today.


Joseph and Maria are members of ISAAC network (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches). They are residing in Singapore with 2 wonderful sons, Gabriel and Destiny.